Since 2012 I have worked across several different projects, exhibitions, events and programmes to produce and curate a range of spaces for artistic practice to exist. Utilising my background in Fine Art and Curating I have established a high quality approach which has seen me develop online and real-time exhibition content and event programmes. Personal curatorial fascinations are comedy, bureaucracy, performance, collaboration and notions of the political within artistic practice. All of which are intrinsically linked to one another.

As of 2017 I commenced work at Arts SU (the students’ union for UAL) and have continued this dynamic of artistic production, support and liaison by platforming and promoting the work of students from University of the Arts, London. As such I have worked with over 270 students to develop their skill set, exhibit their work, introduce them to new areas of creative practice, professionally advance their learning, facilitate networking, give them access to a community of practice and establish their career beyond their time at University. All of which I have found profoundly rewarding and invigorating, creating a fundemtally crucial space between art practice curator and artist educator. 

I have listed below the most significant areas of programme delivery or curatorial practice that I feel both define my career approach and also highlight the depth of interest and style of projects I feel most at home with and inspired by.

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Programmed and coordinated an innovative series of workshops, talks, lectures and symposiums hinging on the role and importance of  accessibility to tech


Self-initiated project about postpartum recovery and rehabilitation

2021 - 2022


Inception and delivery of a three week experiential learning programme for UAL students to engage with and develop their skills utilising multi-channel sound in collaboration with KitMapper and South Kiosk.

January, 2020

Programmed a UAL student fashion show in response to the theme of Manga, project inception and delivery in collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto.

July, 2019


Programmed a UAL student takeover of the British Museum responding to the practice and career of Auguste Rodin - featuring up to 16 student-led activites across the Museum campus.

June, 2018

Programmed a UAL student takeover of the British Museum responding to the theme American Dream - featuring up to 16 student-led activities across the Museum campus.

June, 2017

Programmed and coordinated UAL students participation in The Royal Academy’s large-scale event Late night opening series

2017 - 2019

Programmed, coordinated and curated Arts Students’ Union’s flagship exhibition

2017 - 2022 

Programmed 4 Students’ Union Exhibition & Project Spaces for UAL students including 4 Summer Residencies.

2017 - 2019

A reading project started in 2017 to only read books by women and non-binary people

2017 - present

Co-curated an event programme and research project which worked with archives, libraries and artistic practice to uncover and explore explicitly political feminist activist art works.

January - August, 2015

Curated an online project space and sometime real-life exhibition and events programme hosted domestically in my flat in Clapton, London.

2012 - 2015