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As part of my role at Arts SU I took over a long standing relationship with the Royal Academy’s special programmes team which is responsible for curating and programming their series of special RA Lates.

Working with their Creative Programmer I established the look and feel of each call out (they in the main responded to a theme set by the Creative Programmer which reflected notions and ideologies present within The Royal Academy’s flagship exhibition at the time).

Themes we worked with were:
- Summer Pleasure Garden
- The Electric Forest
- Rrose Selavy’s Dada Extravaganza
- The Other Paradise

Students were shortlisted on merit of their ideological ability to connect with the theme, but also the uniqueness of their engagement with the night, essence of the RA Lates and The Royal Academy’s vision. Bold ideas were definitely encouraged as the night is a visual and aural experience for a paying audience. As such ideas that utilised performance or were performative in delivery tended to be highlighted. All students were paid an artist fee for their involvement and provided with a materials budget.

Students I worked with as a result of The Royal Academy Lates:
Farrukh Akbar / Deniz Aslan / Patricia Doors / Tuli-Gal Litvak / Lara Geary / Favour Jonathan / Lizzie Masterton & Niko Wearden / Sophie Popper & Tom Coates / Queeroes of London (Cherry Auhoni & Julia Howe) / Michaela Wenkert

As a result of participation in these event students often gained the following technical skills; confidence in workshop delivery with the general public, large-scale installation builds and de-rigs within less than 12 hours, working with a large-scale and busy Museum campus, health and safety knowledge, maintaining a rigorous performance schedule or performing several time within an evening, remaining in character and working late in the evening.

Example posters for the events below all © The Royal Academy