Conduire started as an online space in 2012 housed over on Once each edition was published online - the previous would come off the website and would disappear without trace - as such Conduire never had any digital archive or trace online. In 2014 and 2015 as part of the Art Licks Weekend (a festival supporting emerging artistic and curatorial practice as well as new creative spaces in London) it morphed to be both online and in real-time as a programme of events domestically hosted in my flat in Upper Clapton.

Images clockwise: ‘Conduire is aLive’ - branding for Art Licks Weekend 2014, Conduire logo for Alice May Williams solo project (first and only solo show online to date for Conduire), Collaboration edition May / June 2013, logo for ‘Conduire is aLive’ Art Licks Weekend 2014, Susannah Worth / Charismatic Megafauna closing set as part of Art Licks Weekend 2014.

I have been lucky enough to work with the following through Conduire over the time period 2012 - 2015: Lorena Muñoz-Alonso / Art LicksChris Boyd / Amy Budd / Misery Connoisseur / Michael Crowe / Stephen CrowePatrick CoyleTim Etchells / James FerrisMike Gabel / Mark Gamsu / Emma Hunt / Perce JeromSophie Sleigh-Johnson / Amal Khalaf / Pil and Galia Kollectiv / Rena Kosnett / Gandt / Isobel Harbison / Joey Holder / Lawrence LekTom Lock / Olivia Lori / Luminous Books / Charismatic Megafauna / Nathaniel Mellors / Jenny Moore / P.A.S.T Projects / Dominic Rich / John Russell / Son of Son / Ian Thorn / Jason UnderhillAlice May Williams / Members of the public sector / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / where possible I’ve linked to a recently updated website and / or used social media account.

Video: Golden Retriever the web series directed, produced and written by Rena Kosnett and Jason Underhill took full possession of Conduire both online and in our flat as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2015.

Images clockwise: Amal Khalaf leads a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop understanding methods used by Augtusto Boal as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2014, Conduire Loves You Facebook banner 2013, Conduire: ABS (Always Be Scrolling) screengrab July 2012, Conduire second online edition June 2012, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson recording her audio for Conduire re-launch August-September 2014, projection as part of Ian Thorn and Joey Holder collaboration for Art Licks Weekend 2014.

Ian Thorn acted as Conduire’s musician in residence either creating original compositions for the sites audio welcome, recording and mixing all interviews / audio pieces or performing.

Press coverage received as part of Art Licks Weekend 2014:
Evening Standard:
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Image: Never stop chasing as part of Chris Boyd’s comedy performance ‘Caution to the the wind’ peformed as part of ‘Conduire is aLive’ Art Licks Weekend 2014