Since 2017 I have coordinating, curatd and project managed Xhibit the flagship exhibition as part of the Arts Programme at Arts SU - the students’ union for UAL (University of the Arts, London).

This annual exhibition was originally set-up by then-students Kit Hammonds and Angela Robinson in 1997 and is the longest running open call opportunity for students at University of the Arts, London. 

"I was the Vice-President elected for Chelsea College of Art. As I was responsible for the Events, I was keen to do more than just bar and ball kind of activities. Xhibit was started partly in response to the fact there wasn’t much cross-college, or even cross-site, contacts and it seemed sensible to start with the common ground between art and design students, the opportunity to show the work alongside one another irrespective of disciplines, specialisms or stage. It was open to any student."

Kit Hammonds, co-founder of Xhibit

Students selected for Xhibit gain a three week platforming exhibiiton (hosted externally to UAL in and around Easter-time), mentoring to guide them through the opportunity - gaining knowledge on installation, transporting work, art handling, sales and networking. They gain a Professional Development afternoon (open to all UAL students) which is a programme of talks by creative industry experts. They gain feedback on their work from the selection panel, alongside the ability to attend group crits on their piece once installed. They meet other students from across UAL, space and time to develop a dialogue with other artists within the exhibition. We’ve also provided a one-off materials bursary in the past through our collaboration with CASS Art, as well as a media vision award (in the past this has been through Refinery29 and Bustle) for 2021 this will be a partnership with Vice Media generating vital exposure for their practice. We also further promote their practice through a programme of live events and a hardcopy exhibition catalogue

Xhibit 2022 (hosted at The Koppel Project, New Bond Street)

Images of the exhibition and artist crit hosted by Peer Sessions (scroll to view)

Images: © Arts SU and David Povilaika 

Selected students

Pau Aguilo Hernandez | Elaoise Benson | Cherie Chun | Yarden Fudim | Rhyan Jordan Holder | Hollis Hui | Emmanuelle Iroakazi | Amelia Johnson | Jomile Kazlauskaite | Janice Kei | Nisa Khan | Matilda Madaj-Solberg | Rosie Mather | Arabella Muir | Kenichiro Nakajima | Nusra Nijimbere | Meera Rofaeil | Elliott Roy | Emma Elvins Nogueira Dos Santos | Tong Shi | Marina Tasca | Ciana Taylor | Abigail Weston | Ayshe-Mira Yashin

Selection panel:
  • Jamie Clifton - Editor in Chief, Vice
  • Carine Harmand - Assistant Curator, International Art Tate and Trustee Mimosa House
  • Armani Sutherland - Arts SU Activities Sabbatical Officer 2021 - 2022

Artist N Virtual interview with Xhibit curator Veronica Grazioli:  Interview: Xhibit 2022 Curator, Veronica Grazioli - Artist N Virtual
UAL Post-grad story:  XHIBIT: A Private Viewing with Rijul Narwal | UAL (
Vice Media Vision Award Tik Tok story:  VICE (@vice) Official TikTok | Watch VICE's Newest TikTok Videos
Xhibit Professional Development Day write up by Melody Uyanga Ramsay Uuganbayar Xhibit Professional Development Day 2022 (

For 2022 we collaborated with The Net Gallery to provide a digital scan of the exhibition:

Xhibit 2020 was launched online (due to the global pandemic that subsumed 2020-2021)

Selected students:
Lucy Alves | Patricia Beja | Neelam Bhullar | Livia Carpineto | Hellie Cartledge | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Collective | Benjamin Cruz | Amir Dehghan | Tea Di Giacomo, Emanuela Passadore & Rachel Wang | Henry Glover | Tsan Huang | Su Jung Jang | Hei Di Li | Helun Liang | Colin Lievens & Thomas Oliver | Chirawilai Luatngoen | Alicia McGuire | Aikaterini Mimikou | Paraskevi Pataoulioti | Eleanor Pearce | Emma Phillips | Iolo Puleston | Juliette Stuart | Yasmeen Thantrey | Gail Theis | Dominik Wiecek | Yula Wojcik | Lu Xu

Selection panel:
  • Jamie Clifton - Editor in Chief, Vice 
  • Liz May - prev. Administrative Director, A.P.T
  • Aimee McLaughlin - Staff writer at Creative Review
  • Hannah Walker - prev. Ediorial Executive at The Evening Standard
  • Eleanor Louise West - Artist, LGBTQ+ academic and Arts SU Activities Sabbatical Officer 2019-2021

Xhibit 2019 (hosted at Koppel Project Central Gallery, Poland Street, Soho)

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Images: Amber Muir

Selected students:
Dimitris Agapiou | Bunmi Agusto | Maria Bendixen | Shannon Bono | Sophie Conroy | Ninja D. Evangelista | Jo de Banzie | Casper Dillen | Emma Drye | Alexandra Falade | Joy Fubini | Karolina Gliniewicz | Penny Hartley | Dana Hong | Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee | Sara Lopes | Barbara Majek-Oduyoye | Sahar Mangal | Aikaterini Mimikou | Rafael Morales Cendejas | Emma Morgan | Lucy Neish | Charlotte Pannell | James Prapaithong | Weronika Szymanek | Huiping Yang | Zhihui Zhang

Selection panel:
  • Annie-Marie Akussah - Xhibit selected artist 2018 & Activities Sabbatical Officer 2019-2020
  • Emma Noble - Freelance Multidisciplinary Designer
  • Charlotte Owen - Executive Editor, Bustle Digital Group UK
  • Resh Sidhu - Multiaward winning Creative Director at AKQA London and UAL Honorary 2018
  • George Vasey - Curator at the Wellcome Collection and freelance art writer
  • Annie Warburton - CEO at Cockpit Arts

CASS Art Bursary interview with recipient Bunmi Agusto:

Xhibit 2018 (hosted at Bermondsey Project Space, Bermndsey Street)

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Selected students:
Annie-Marie Akussah | Carlos Alba | Rita Ataide Novais | Tabitha Beresford-Webb | Johanna Blaha | Anke Buchmann | Thomas Cardew | Rafael Morales Cendejas | Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark | Sophie Colfer | Yuqi Deng | Lara Geary | Penny Hartley | Eva He | Miles Johnson | Jo Lane | Vera Lee | Ciara McNeill | Orelie Pascale | Chris Makin | Rosie McGinn | Catherine Miller | Mayli Mountford | Katarina Rankovic | Anatoly Shabalin | Carlos Sebastia | Gwenllian Spink | Roisin Sullivan | Kris Tralewski | Klara Vith | Haocheng Wu

Selection panel:
  • Mike von Joel - Editor in Chief, STATE/f22 and Director, Bermondsey Project Space
  • Leah Kahn - Activities Sabbatical Officer
  • Amal Khalaf - Civic Curator, Serpentine Gallery and artist
  • Patrick Laing - Product designer
  • Frances Morris - Director, Tate Modern and UAL Honorary 2017
  • Nadia-Anne Ricketts - Founder, Beatwovan

CASS Art interview with receipient Chris Makin:
Vanity Fair:

Xhibit 2017 (hosted at Bermondsey Project Space, Bermondsey Street)

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Selected students
Moe Elhossieny Ahmed | Caitlin Akers | Olga B | Bob Bicknell-Knight | Marlene Binder | Anke Buchmann | Edoardo Buttinelli | India Copley | Maryana Dmitrusenko | Mae Eade | Jorge Alejandro Escobar |Clarisse Hassan | Stella Kapezanou | Youngmi Kim | Lukas Kratochvil | Charlie Lang | Xiao Lin | Jamie Francis Measure-Hughes | Harriette Meynell | Ralph Overill | Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos | Marco Pantaleoni | Rebecca Perrone | Katarina Rankovic | Jade Rowing | Nora Schmel | Jojo Taylor | Veronica Toppino | Zhou Wang | Congcong Wu | Pearline Yeo | Lena Yokoyama

Selection panel:
  • Dr David Dibosa – Course Leader, MA Curating & Collections, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL
  • Kate Goodwin – Head of Architecture and Drue Heinz Curator, Royal Academy of Arts
  • Mike von Joel – Editor in Chief, STATE/f22
  • Leah Kahn – Activities Officer, Arts SU
  • Eamonn Maxwell – Independent Curator & Arts SU President 1999-2000
  • Grayson Perry - UAL Chancellor, Turner prize winning artist, CBE RA