Art + Tech is an innovative professional development programme which aims to provide new skills, creative practice enhancement and experience for creative entrepreneurs, to help ensure their success in the creative industry during and post university. As a response to the pandemic this series will allow students to learn new approaches and practices in art and technology to enhance their professional practice with the programme hinging on the role and importance of accessibility to tech.

Introduction to Blender
Workshop April, 2022 proudly programmed in collaboration with UAL: Creative Computing Institute, Camberwell College of Art

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Introduction to Blender workshop
Images: David Povilaika

I was approached by CCI student Cécile Barouk who had noticed a gap in knowledge from students at the University, she had been in conversations with colleagues and friends and realised that quite a few of her peers had wanted either an introduction, or better knowledge on the free and open source online software Blender and that this wasn’t being readily provided at course and curriciulum level.

After a few conversations both with Cécile and subsequently Georgina  Capdevila-Cano at UAL’s Creative Computing Institute- we decided to move forward with this self-intiated / student-led workshop offering anyone the opportunity to attend a two hour intro session on the software. We wanted this to be as student-led as possible so whilst Arts SU and myself in particular provided the coordination and administration, the actual session was technically facilitated by  Cécile with back up support from CCI staff Lieven Van Velthoven and Pete Mackenzie.

The session focused on participants creating from scratch their own virtual mushroom, which was then brought together digitally by Cécile and formated to create a mushroom collective (see below):

On the experience of reaching out the students’ union, initiating the workshop idea and facilitation:

Delivering the workshop was an amazing experience. It is very precious for me to be able to share my experience and knowledge with students that are interested. It was nice to see that there were many reasons they wanted to learn how to use the software like 3D printing, 3D animation or architecture. There was also a good diversity of courses. Making digital objects and scenes is something that can be useful in any artistic medium even if it is not what their course is focusing on. I would say adapting to the different degrees of familiarity with technology was the most challenging part. Students were excited to learn more about and to make things digitally. They also said that being in person is completely different from online tutorials and that they wanted more in-person workshops and learning experiences.

I am very thankful to the SU for giving me the opportunity to do the workshop and I can’t wait to do more!

Cécile Barouk
You can read more about this workshop and access the unique digital resource hub created by Cécile Barouk here

Cécile Barouk bio BSc Creative Computing student at UAL Creative Computing Institute. She uses Blender in her art projects to create virtual objects and environment to make images and animations.

This workshop is part of the Arts SU Arts Programme Art + Tech series- rethinking the way creative students engage with the virtual and digital environment.

I would like to thank Georgina Capdevila-Cano, Lieven Van Velthoven and Pete Mackenzie for their support and time on this project.