Text Projects

Michael Nante is both a massive pain in the ass and yet a being I hold incredibly dear to my heart.

Originating as an article for the published edition of Art Licks Magazine this text was the first time I approached the idea of inventing a character. It just so happens that this character creation is where my mind went to expunge my lurid excess. 

I contributed 9 chapters of Nante to Art Licks and later compiled these texts into a zine titled ‘The Fears’ which is available to purchase here.

I have also collated chapters two, six and nine here to read online.

Recently Nante was lucky enough to be included in ‘A Selection of Fragments’ at Libby Leshgold Gallery, Vancouver (Sept. 2018).

Blog style texts, written pieces and interviews that lack a home will reside here - so please check back in the not too distant. 

To read previous reviews and other texts please refer to the SELECTED WRITING section in my online CV.