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Hold on!

What was that you said?

Charismatic Megafauna are releasing their debut EP?


A lot has happened since I last played tunes for a Charismatic Megafauna night.

We have Brexit which saw the UK population vote to leave the EU and an unelected Prime Minister in power.

Of course it’s always a pleasure to be invited to DJ by a band I consider not only a firm musical favourite but close friends - but now more than ever we must come together to touch base, to sound out our dis-may (excuse the pun) and to play songs of protest and rising up.

See you there.


A day after President Trump’s poorly attended inauguration we find ourselves here - protesting at one of many global Women’s Marches.

One of many protests to have happened since his rise to office and not the last.

We find shelter in collectivity - but I am a lucky one, a privileged, white, middle class individual - we cannot let this moment pass until the dust settles, coming together like this to support those who don’t fit into my lot in life is crucial.

In the words of Angela Davis:

‘This is a women's march and this women's march represents the promise of feminism as against the pernicious powers of state violence. And inclusive and intersectional feminism that calls upon all of us to join the resistance to racism, to Islamophobia, to anti-Semitism, to misogyny, to capitalist exploitation.’