Born: 1983, London

Based in London

sophierisner (at) gmail (dot) com


2007 – 2009 Master of Fine Arts in Curating: Goldsmiths college, London

2003 – 2006 Bachelor of Fine Art: Middlesex University

2002 - 2003 Foundation Fine Art, Chesterfield College


2012 - present: Contributing writer for This is Tomorrow Magazine

2010 - 2013: Contributing writer for Art Licks Magazine

July 2009 - 2012 : Contributing writer for White Hot online

2015: Prince 2 Project Management Foundation Award

2007-09 AHRC Award in Professional Postgraduate Development

Currently working as Collection Care and Archives and Access project Administrator, Tate.



Unrealised Projects Volume 4: online


BA Degree Show: Truman Brewery, London


A City Peculiar: The Crypt, Euston, London



January - ‘Grey Gardens’ intro and presentation for a screening of the film at Finishing Touch a pop up event space and book shop run by Louisa Bailey (Luminous Books) and Joyce Cronin in collaboration with Open Barbers.


May - LITANY READING GROUP: Performance as part Five Years Gallery programme: How to Write, Reading Groups.


November - ‘Shacking Up!’ AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX/LIVE, AND/OR Gallery, London

October - Press conference (rescheduled) , Art Licks Annual ICA



or: How I Learnt How to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Bergen Biennial II: The Next Generation, Woodmill, Bermondsey, London

Sound After London, After London, Sassoon Gallery, Peckham


The Bureaucracy Project: This Is Not A Gateway Festival, Hanbury Hall, London

Amanda: Art Licks launch, Sassoon Gallery, Peckham, London

April - Work: A Performance of 25 parts: Bergen Biennial, Bergen, Norway


December – The Intern reprises the role of Gandt: The Apartment Project, Broadway Market, London



September - LITANY READING GROUP: Online Sisterhood Workshop as part of Flat Time Houses ‘Intergenerational’ Summer School.


female skill swap


October – Life After Chesterfield: Chesterfield College, Chesterfield


April – Fanzine and blog workshop: The Brit School of Performing Arts, Croydon


2015 - present: Doing What Come Naturally:

2012 - present: online project space CONDUIRE:


October - November

Conduire presents ‘Golden Retriever: The Possession’ as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2015.    

‘Golden Retriever’ is a comedy web series written and directed by Jason Underhill and Rena Kosnett.

Golden Retriever Trailer:

For the Art Licks Weekend Conduire adopted ‘Golden Retriever’ via various incarnations and exultations;

- Daily live satellite link ups with the cast and crew.

- Domestic screenings of episodes and out of office footage.

- A live closing performance from Emma Hunt entitled ‘A Woman’s Best Friend’.

- Online via a new multimodular commission ‘Churps from Urps; Ingress to Egress’ from James Ferris


Doing What Comes Naturally presents ‘Spare Rib’ in collaboration with the Feminist Library’s Summer Zine Fest.

As part of the Library’s 40th anniversary year celebrations we focused on the Feminist Library’s unique and rare collection of ‘Spare Rib’ - this was a fundraising event to raise money and the profile for The Feminist Library.

This event featured:

- A Summer Zine Fest featuring 15 stalls from across the country

- Screening of ‘!Woman Art Revolution!’

- Screening of video debute by Charismatic Megafauna.

- Panel debate: Art, Activism and Publishing with panelists; Rudy Loewe, Rose Hinton, Soofiya and Louise Kimpton-Nye.

- Introduction to Spare Rib

- Closing Performance: ‘When Things Happen’ by Chloe Cooper.

March - May

Unreliable Witness: Alice May Williams

A research project mapped in collaboration with the online programme


Doing What Comes Naturally ‘Feminist Activist Art Practice’ Show and Tell as part of the Tate Library and Archive Show and Tell programme.


October - November

Conduire is aLive as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2014 - featuring performances from Joey Holder and Ian Thorn, Chris Boyd and Charismatic Megafauna with workshops from Amal Khalaf and P.A.S.T. Project.

Online commission from Perce Jerrom and participation in the Art Licks digital commission SKY LINE. 





Evening Standard:

Dazed Digital:


Wily Badger:


reLaunch featuring work and contributions from Patrick Coyle / Dominic Rich / Sophie Sleigh-Johnson / Pil and Galia Kollectiv and Ian Thorn (with live hosted reLaunch party featuring performances by Patrick Coyle, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson and Ian Thorn)


SEPTEMBER: TCR - THE CONDUIRE READER - featured playlists from previous CONDUIRE contributors.

MAY / JUNE: Collaboration Special featuring work and contributions from Concert / P.A.S.T. Projects / Jenny Moore and Ian Thorn / Misery Connoissuer / Luminous Books

APRIL: THE MARGARET THATCHER READER; Stories from the public sector.

JAN / FEB: THIS IS NOT A FEMALE ISSUE; Women in the Art World


NOVEMBER: Matthew Darbyshire / Stephen Crowe / Jenny Moore / Ian Thorn

OCTOBER: Lorena Munoz-Alonso / Amy Budd / James Ferris / Perce Jerrom / Olivia Lori / Ian Thorn

AUGUST: Ask the Bureaucrat Special

JULY: Amal Khalaf / John Russell / Son of Son / Ian Thorn / Jason Underhill

JUNE: Gandt / Isobel Harbison / Joey Holder / Tom Lock / Nathaniel Mellors / Ian Thorn

MAY: Chris Boyd / Michael Crowe / Tim Etchells / Mike Gabel / Pil and Galia Kollectiv / Ian Thorn


February - Contested Ground: 176 Project Space, Chalk Farm, London *


June - A City Peculiar: The Crypt, Euston, London


on-going: Michael Nante; The Fears


Art Licks

February - LITANY Recommended Reading List for Issue 18

Five Years Publication

How to Write: Reading Groups publication ft. LITANY

Orlando Magazine

April - Doing What Comes Naturally contributes a discursive text for Issue 01

This is Tomorrow

December - Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s, The Photographer’s Gallery

August - Rana Begum, Parasol Unit

May - Double Act the Art of Comedy, The Bluecoat, Liverpool

April - Jennifer Bailey: a brief history of girliness, a Space in Between

March - Park McArthur: Poly, Chisenhale Gallery

February - Cornelia Baltes: Drunk Octopus wants to fight, Limoncello


This is Tomorrow

December - Review of Jo Spence exhibition, Tate Britain curated by Elena Crippa

January - Interview with Curator Amal Khalaf on ‘Never Never Land,’ at EOA. Projects.


Daphne (ed. Catherine Borra):

May - A love letter to a work unseen (Wantee by Laure Provoust)

This is Tomorrow

September - A review of Sophie Lee Perfect Fried I and II at iMT Gallery and Gowlett Peaks, London

April - A review of Club of Friends group show at Clavert 22, London


Art Licks

Spring (Issue Ten) - Michael Nante: The Fears

White Hot

January - Review: Rain Room, rAndom International, Curve Gallery, Barbican

In Pursuit

March - A review of the Sanja Ivekovic retrospective at the South London Gallery and Clavert 22

February - Female nudity and tragedy of Reeva Steenkamp

January - Sexism, inequality and why Beyonce isn’t my role model

This is Tomorrow:

November - A review of Elizabeth Price SUNLIGHT at Focal Point Gallery, Southend


Art Licks:

Autumn (Issue Nine) - Michael Nante: The Fears

Summer (Issue Eight) - Michael Nante: The Fears

Spring (Issue Seven) - Michael Nante: The Fears

Winter / Spring (Issue Six)  -  Michael Nante: The Fears 

White Hot:

March - Review: Gillian Wearing, Whitechapel Gallery

January - Review: Dara Birnbaum, South London Gallery

In Pursuit:

January - Women through our screen (contemporary critique on female representation on our TV) 

This is Tomorrow:

September - Interview: Ed Atkins in conversation, Us Dead Talk Love, Chisenhale Gallery

August - Review: Francis Bacon Opera by Stephen Crowe


Art Licks:

Winter (Issue Five) -  Michael Nante; The Fears

Spring (Issue Two) - In collaboration with Gandt


September - Review: Bold Tendencies, Multi-storey car park  95A Rye Lane London, online

June       - ‘Collective most polemic: a colloquial look at 100 years of collaboration within contemporary art,’ online

March   - Review: Proto Bla, Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, Review, online

White Hot:

November - Review: Paul McCarthy show, Hauser and Wirth, London

May - ‘The rough sound of the norm’ Mark Leckey review 

        -   Review: John Stezaker show, Whitechapel Gallery 


Art Licks

Autumn (Issue One)  – Martin and Other Short Stories

April - Claude Cahun should be held responsible, online


April - Gandt the No_where issue

Girls Like Us Magazine vol. 1

January - Ladies in Lynch

White Hot

December  -  Review: Damian Ortega, Barbican, London

May - Interview with Tim Etchells




November  – Gandt issue 13  / other  - untitled poem, oh GANDT

Smiths Magazine, Goldsmiths, London

August - The Economy of Artangel


June – Debates on Bureaucracy; in discussion with Jenny Moore

Street Signs Magazine, Journal for the Centre for Urban and Community Research

May – Why is it so easy to place art and regeneration in the same sentence?

White Hot:

November - Review: Gustav Metzger, Serpentine, London

July – Review: Parades and Processions, Parasol Unit, London


July - INSTALLING AN INSTALLATION, limited edition hardback book featured as part of my degree show, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane